Investing in North America?

Why you should invest in North America even in this bad economy with a weak dollar and out of control debt.

The difference between investing in North America (United States and Canada) and investing the rest of the world, is that in North America there is a democratic rule of laws in place that ensure your personal safety is never at risk as well as make sure your investments aren’t nationalized.  In the rest of the world you can have populist governments stealing your assets or rebels taking you hostage or even killing you. In the winter of 2006/07 alone, the military government in Fiji seized the Vatukoula mine belonging to DRDGold, while the Russian environmental agency Rospriradnadzor revoked two mining licenses owned by Peter Hambro, the London-listed gold producer. At least in North America,  your investments are safe will still remain yours, no matter what happens.

The American West was built on gold and silver mining and as such, the mining laws are very friendly. During the Second World War the  government mandated the closure of precious metal mining since it wasn’t necessary for the war effort. In many cases,  due to a variety of social and economic factors, even though the gold and silver were still there, mining operations were never started up again.  These days, due to the high price of gold and advancements in mining technology, restarting mining operations are extremely profitable.