Eretz Mining  is a boutique mining company, Our goal is to be mining gold and silver, not mining investors.

Eretz specializes in the acquisition and exploration of historically significant, mining claims, junior start up mines and mining properties around the world and specifically in North America. Eretz currently has a developing portfolio of mines and interests in China and across Western United States.

Eretz offer a full range of professional services in both the precious metals field as well as for energy. Services include developing our mining and energy claims, as well as consulting individuals and companies on various aspects of exploration, production and investing in these fields.

Eretz is a privately owned company so we treat our investors like the most important people in our lives, our families. Therefor we constantly strive to develop and maintain close personal relationships with all of our investors.By maintaining as low of a budget as possible, we are able to keep our operating costs low, which means greater profits.

Being a privately owned company also allows us to offer a unique dividends plan with the option of possible payments in physical gold and silver once production begins.

To request more information about our mines and services, visit our contact page.