Eretz Mining has decided to concentrate on redeveloping previously producing mines.  Using research of historical and  scientific data along with our extensive contacts thru out the American Southwest, including old miners and geologists, and most of all a healthy dose of common sense, we are able to infer recoverable assets. Once that is determined, we will either buy, lease or acquire the mineral rights and begin planning for redevelopment.

There is a famous saying, “Those who have failed to plan, plan to fail,” at Eretz Mining, we plan to succeed. Therefore for our current gold project, the ,Pilgrim’s Tailing site, we have decided not to build our own mill which will costs us between 2 and 5 million dollars. No matter how advanced a mill might be, the nature of buildings and machinery is that they depreciate in value over time, which is not the kind of investment our company is looking for. There are companies that have built modern mills in the vicinity that are currently underused. We will subcontract these mills to process our ore and tailings.