Pilgrim Recovery Strategy

At the Pilgrim’s Tailing site, we believe there are over 700,000 tons of  gold and silver tailings above ground. Initial samples show that there is between a thirtieth of an ounce to a full ounce of gold and silver per ton. At current prices, that is a minimum of over  37 million dollars. We plan on drilling 15 holes at set intervals on the tailings pile that will give us a cross-section of the of the mineral heap. This will show us where the greatest concentration of gold is.

In order to to keep initial costs low and start the refining process as soon as possible, we are going to be contracting a local mill and trucking company to handle the moving an processing of the tailings for us. By keeping the initial investment threshold at a minimal level, and by not building our own mill and outsourcing the work to existing local mills, we are able to maintain a low overhead, which translates into greater profits for investors.