Pilgrim’s Tailings

Eretz Mining and Energy Exploration Inc.

Pilgrim’s Tailings Project

The Pilgrim’s Tailing Project is a fully owned mining claim of 40 acres on which the tailings from the Pilgrim Mine was dumped.

History of the Pilgrim Mine

The Pilgrim Mine, located 9 miles west of Chloride, Arizona at the eastern foot of the Black Mountains, was discovered in 1903.The mine was a profitable producer of Gold and Silver until 1942 when production ceased permanently because of World War II. At the time of the Government ordered shutdown of US Mining operations, the Pilgrim Mine was operational. 

The tailings pile is in a valley approximately 2 football fields long and 30 feet deep consisting of over 700,000 tons of minerals. Initial samplings have indicated there is anywhere from a tenth of an ounce to a full ounce of gold per ton along with an equal amount of silver as well as other precious metals.